Urban Honey

Brief: Produce a range of honey products for a global urban honey brand. Outcome: My concept is based around the fact that urban honey is essential in improving a cities eco system. The lid on each jar contains eight lights, when the lids are twisted the lights turn on and illuminate the honey which forms a variety of glowing flowers on the front of the packaging. The use of light expresses the excitement associated with urban life. The illuminated windows represent life in the form of human activity whilst the flower shape represents life in a more natural form. When you open the jar you are reminded that with Urban Honey you help improve the cities eco system by bringing more life to the city.



Feel Good Drinks

Brief: Produce an advertising campaign to increase brand awareness for the Feel Good Drinks Company. Outcome: The concept is based around taking well know positive phrases and making them more ‘Feel Good’ by adding a playful spin. Each phrase is represented either physically by the advert itself or by involving the viewer in the meaning of the phrase. A purely typographic version of the concept has been produced for use on other mediums that can’t always have a more three dimensional element applied to them.




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